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1992     Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Bachelor of Arts in painting and Ceramic, Minor in Art History

Art History course in Spain 

Artist Entrepreneur course 

1989     Oakland Community College, Farmington, Michigan

Associate Degree in Fine Arts 

1979     LaSalle University, Chicago, Illinois

Certificate in Interior Design 



2024 june 12  International Prize Phoenix for the arts Scuola Grande of San Teodoro Venice, Italy.


2024 , January 20 international Prize Botticelli Borghese Palace , Florence Italy.


2023 December 26, 2023 Certificate of International Incheon metropolitan city contest award,

 Korea Republic.


2023 june 4- Certificate online art exhibit Potica , Cuba. 



September 16, Arab American Artists and Friends, Padzieski Gallery, Dearborn, Michigan

September 23, Citation from Councilman Mr. Kamal Al-Sawafy, Padzieski Gallery, Dearborn Michigan

June 4, Certificate, Online exhibition, International Art Exhibit Potica, Cuba

April 5, 50 Artists to invest, Milan, Italy

November 18, International Prize Barcelona Trophy, Barcelona, Meam

February 6, 4 International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci, Borghese Palace, Italy

April 20, International Prize Caravaggio Great Master of Art, Milan, Italy

50 Artists to invest in Art Now at Luglio, Curated by Salvatore Russo & Francesco Saverio Russo, Palermo, Italy

November, Segnalati Pinter Gallery, Budapest

October, Certificate, Beyond the Borders 2nd Exhibition, Fantapia Museum, Republic of Korea

April 23, Certificate, Celebration of 101 Years, Republic of Turkey

April 29, Certificate, Art Exhibition, Lamasat Gallery, Cairo, Egypt



November 17, Certificate, Beyond the Borders, Fantapia M museum, South Korea 

November 15-30, Certificate, First Virtual Exhibition, Zobra, Bangladesh 

November 15, Certificate, Art Expo International, Norway
October, The Great Masters of Contemporary Art Now, Italy

November 1, Certificate, Picasso Exhibition, La Galleria, Malaga, Spain

September 1, Certificate, International Art Expo, Biennale Dei Normanni, Italy

July 31, Legacy Award Recipient, over 20 years of teaching art, Pontiac Creative Art Center, presented by Eugenia Wigington, Pontiac, Michigan

January 25, 3, International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci Award, Borghese Palace, Italy

March 8, Arab American Today Magazine Award for Plastic Art, Dearborn, Michigan

March, The Mesopotamian Forum for Arts and Culture Award, Sterling Heights, Michigan

March-June, Certificate, Self Portraits International Exhibition, Kunstsalon Kasteel Daelenbroeck, Netherlands

December 1, Honorable Mention, Think Small juried art exhibition, (Fear) Ceramic sculpture, Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale, Michigan 

April 15, Award, Arab Heritage Art Exhibition, Pontiac, Michigan

June 7, Honorable Mention Award, 2nd Pontiac Artists juried art exhibition, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan


March 11, AAWCN Award, American Arab Women’s Community Network, Dearborn, Michigan


May 2, Certificate, International Artists Forum, Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt


Appreciation Award, Muslim Unity Center, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan



Manhattan Arts International Award of Merit, talent search, New York

First Prize Award, McKenny Union’s Art Show, “Meditation in Peace with God”-watercolor, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan


First Prize Art Show, The Earth and Art Gallery, “Desire”-ceramic sculpture, Milford, Michigan

Golden Key, National Honor Society

Certificate of Academic Merit, Eastern Michigan University’s 

Cum Laude Certificate, Oakland Community Colleg

Certificate of Merit, The National Dean’s List 




2022     March 15- April 15, Online Solo Art Exhibition, Happy Art Gallery, Republic of Korea 

2021     November 2-29, Inception Solo Art Exhibition, Canton Village Theater Gallery, Canton, Michigan

2020     June 18, Solo Art Show, Worldwide Art Movement, Art Channel, India

2019     February 1-28, An Immigrant’s Journey, immigrant’s ILhamBadreddine Mahfouz 

2018     October2-November 30, Solo Art Exhibition,’ Layers Paintings,’’ Southfield Public Library, Southfield, Michigan 

2014     March 1- April 12, Solo Art Exhibition,”Syria Crisis and Hope”, Swords into Plowshares Peace Center Gallery, Detroit, Michigan 

2012     October1-30, Solo Art Exhibition, “Journey of Hope” Southfield Public Library, Southfield, Michigan

2009     January 9-30, Solo Exhibition, "Celebrations", Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan 

2006     January7–31, Solo Exhibition, “Whispers From The East’’, Bagley Housing Gallery, Detroit,             Michigan

2000     June10–July9, Solo Exhibition “Inspiration” at Pontiac Creative Art Center in Pontiac, MI

1998     February 20–March15, Solo Exhibition, “Habitat”, Urban Park Gallery, Detroit, Michigan

1997     March 16–31, Solo Exhibition,’’ Alternative Artists’’, Space Gallery, Southfield, Michigan



2023 December 6-10 Red Dot Spectrum Miami , Punto de encuentro Art Gallery Booth 312 Wynwood Convention center, Miami Florida. 


2023 september 16- October 28  For the Love of Humanity art exhibit at Padzieski gallery , Dearborn , Mi .

October 20-22, Come Fly with Me, Au Carrousel Louvre, Paris, France

September 16 -October 28 “For the Love Humanity”, Padzieski Gallery, Dearborn, Michigan

September, Art Fashion World, Leon Art Gallery, Ecuador

July 30, World Friendship Day International, Laz Art Gallery, International Plastic Art Exhibition, Turkey 

June 9-18, Embracing Our Differences Exhibition, Culture Verse Gallery, Ann Arbor, Michigan 

May 21- October 12, Embracing Our Differences, artwork on billboard, Riverside Park, Ypsilanti, Michigan

The 23rd International Competition Incheon, International Art Exhibition, Republic of Korea 

October 15-28, 2022, International Group Exhibition, Bologna, Italy

October 21-23, Acces Art & Cross, Culture Exchange Society, Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris France

September 9-20, International Art Exhibition, La Galleria Rancagua, Argentina

September 1- October 25, 2022, The 8th Geoje International Art Festival, Yukyung Art Museum Halls, The Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Republic of Korea 

September 24, Nigde Cappedocia Art Gallery, Turkey

September 21-24, International Art Exhibition, Love Revolution & Vision Media, India

March 25-April 29, Arab American Art Exhibition, Canton Village Theater, Canton, Michigan 

March 25-31, International Exchange Exhibition, Cheongro Formative Arts Association, Incheon Culture and Arts Center, Republic of Korea 

April 25–May 5, Art Exhibition, Lamasat Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

March 24-May 1, Vivid Women Art Exhibition, The Artist Behind the Mask, Femart Gallery, 

Jacksonville, Florida

April 23, Art Exhibition, Celebrating 101 Years, Republic of Turkey

March 22-26, Acces International Art Exhibition, 20 X 20, Vitre, France

March 8-12, Acces 20X20 In the Cage of Lockdowns Art Exhibition, Rennes, France

March 8, Universal Art Exhibition Virtual, Norway           
March 1, International Art Dair, Paint Peace, Seoul, Korea

February 27, Universal Confrantization Art Exhibition, Norway
February 1-15, International Online Art Exhibition, AREL Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey

January 25 3, International Online Art Exhibition, Nirantar, India

January 10-15, New Year Virtual 2 D Art Exhibition, WAF Gallery, India

January–December 2020, The 4th ASROPA International Online Art Exhibition, South Korea


December 21-31, Ataturk juried Online Exhibition, Edirne, Turkey

December, Happy School 24th Mosaic Padam Chand Memorial Global Online Competition, New Delhi, India

November 30-31, Beyond Borders International Art Exhibition, Fantapia M museum, South Korea 

November 15, International Art Expo, creator Baroness Jiseda Salbu, Norway

October 23-November 1, Picasso Online Art Exhibition, Malaga, Spain

October 9-November 7, Kindness Online Art Exhibition, King Street Studio & Art Gallery, England

October 9- 30, Korea International Art & Art Exhibition Online, Coffee House, South Korea

October 31-November 2, Online Art Exhibition, Night of the Dead, Mexico

September 24- October 11, Online International Art Exhibition, Vivid Exclusive Art Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria

October 1, Art Tijuana Responde Online Art Exhibition, Mexico

September 12, Online International Art Exhibition, Pagoda Group Visual Expressions, Nepal

 September 12-24, International Art Exhibition, Art Quake 3 Nigde, Istanbul, Turkey

 September 5-30, Online Art International Exhibition, NIRANTAR Art, India 

September 10- 30, Online Art Exhibition, Art for Art, Oyster Gallery, Pakistan

September 18 -30, Online International Art Exhibition, Isparta, Turkey 

September 21- 24, Online Art Exhibition, For the Love of Art, Art Novelty Gallery, India

September 21, International on line card art for Peace on line exhibit, Singapore

September 13-October 5, International 3 D Art Exhibition, A Walk in Time, Berlin, Germany

September 1-7, Online International Art Exhibition, Artist without Frontiers, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

September 5, Online Art Exhibition, Message of Peace, Feather & Color International Art Group, Neenawa, Iraq

August 28-30, Online Art International Competition, 3rd Art for Cause, India

August 22-September 6, Online Art Exhibition, G-Art Fair, Seoul, South Korea

August 20, Online Art Exhibition, Forum creators of Plastic art free Rythem
July 15-30, Online Exhibition, Hope …Light in the Darkness Chitrak group, Bulgaria, India

July 23-27, First Online Art Exhibition, United Arab Festival, Egypt 

July 18, Online Art Exhibition, Cultural Exchange Art in the time of lockdown, Russia- India

July 7-15, Online Art Exhibition, Group Art 7, Khatoonat Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq

 May 20-30, Online International Art Exhibition, Stay at Home with Art, Turkey University Trakya University Faculty of education, Department of Fine arts education and Sayred

June 21, Online Art Exhibition, Cosmic Peace, Singapore

June 15, Beyond Pandemic –Art Connects People, Classic Gallery, Nepal

July 6, Online Art Exhibition, My Earliest Artwork, Singapore

July 24-30, International Art Exhibition, Across the River, International Art Festival, South Korea

June-27- August 1, Arab American Art Exhibition, Pathways, Pontiac Creative Arts Centers, Pontiac, Michigan

April 14-28, Online Exhibition, Art for Peace, Be One Gallery, Face Book SG, Singapore

January 25, 3 rd International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci, Borghese Palace, Italy


September 21-October 4, Save the World Exhibition 100, documented in a blurb Book, Denmark

August 30-September 29, Art Exhibition, Compositions in Color, Village Theater, Canton, Michigan 

July 19- September 30, Immigrants Exhibition, Detroit Historical Museum, Detroit, Michigan

May 3-June 1, Immigrants Series Art Exhibition, Black Box Gallery, Dearborn, Michigan

May 6-31, Meditation on Silence, West Land City Hall, Westland, Michigan

May 22-29, Salon, D’Art Plastiqu, Saint Jean Le Centenier, France

April 12-May 3, Arab American Art Exhibition, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan

March 10-April7, Kunst Salon Expo, Used Coffee, Filters Mail Art 3, Kasteel Daelen Broeck Kansteenllaan 2 Herkenbosch, Netherlands

December 7, Human Rights Flag Exhibition, The Art Gallery Pool 7, Vienna, Austria

December 5-21, Think Small, juried art exhibition, Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale Michigan

March 1-June 1, 2018, Self Portraits International Exhibition, Kunstsalon Kasteel Daelenbroeck, Netherlands

July 5-28, Invitational Exhibition, Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale, Michigan

April 22-May 20, The Walls Speaks of the unheard installation with Artist Wojtek Sawa, Syrian children, Bank Suey Pop-Up Museum, Hamtramck, Michigan 

April 1-30, Arab American Art Exhibition, The Forgotten Traveler, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan

December 16, Holiday Art Exhibition, Camille Gallery, Detroit, Michigan

December 1-29 Think Small, juried art exhibition, Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale, Michigan

May 5-9, Art Exhibition, The Other Face, Art Space, Akron, Ohio

April 15–May 7, Arab American Heritage Art Exhibition, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan

January 22- February 20, Art Exhibition, Glimpse, Camille Gallery, Detroit, Michigan


December 4-23, Think Small, juried art exhibition, Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale, Michigan

October 21- November 13, Art Exhibition, A Friends Among Us, juried art exhibition, Padszieski Art Gallery, Dearborn, Michigan

August 29- October 24, Mirca Poster International Art Exhibition, in Recognition of Malala Yousafzai, at Ostra Gymnasiet, Huddinge Kommun  Kvartett Vagen 4, 14263 Trangsund Stockholms Lan, Sweden

 July 1- 31, Summer Invitational Art Exhibition, Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale, Michigan 

 June 6-7, International Self Portrait Art Exhibition, drawing & watercolor painting, De School Hillegom, Netherlands

June 6-27, Art Exhibition, Making Connections, WCA Group Exhibition, Mary Grove College Detroit, Michigan


December 3-24, Think Small, juried art exhibition, Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale, Michigan

October 6–November 15, Art Exhibition, Midwest Love Middle East Promoates Peace, Dancing Dog Gallery, Ann Arbor, Michigan
October 18-19, Self Portrait Drawing Community Exhibition, During a past of the Big Draw at Cultur Podlum, t’Blauwe Huis, Nobellaan 16, Heerlen, Holland

August 1-30, Pontiac Artists, juried art exhibition, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan

July 2-25, Summer Invitational Exhibition, Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale, Michigan

June 5-28, Members Exhibition, Revelation, WCA Michigan, Riverside Art Gallery, Ypsilanti, Michigan

March 7–April 11, Women Art Exhibition, Oliver Art Center, Frankfort, Michigan 


November 27-Dec 20, Think Small, 13 juried art exhibition, Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale, Michigan

November 10, Anniversary Webissim, Germany

November Art Auction, to benefit young girls in India, New Zeeland

September 28, MONA Museum of New Art, Aperto Documenta USA, Armada, Michigan

August 1-15, Art Exhibition, 49th Collective Painting, Istria, Croatia 

July 3-26, Summer Invitational Art Exhibition, Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale Michigan

June 7-July 28, Pontiac Artists, juried art exhibit, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan

March 8-April 6, Art Exhibition, Size Matters, Gross Pointe Artists Association, Gross Point, Michigan


November 17–December 2, Art Exhibition, 555 Gallery, Detroit, Michigan

November 10-December 21, Members Art Exhibition, Mills Pond House Gallery, New York

October 22 - November 28, Nature Speaks Art Exhibition, Madonna University, Livonia, Michigan

October 1 -28, Art Exhibition, juried art exhibition, The Village Theater Art Center, Canton, Michigan

July 5-27, Invitational Art Exhibition, Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale Michigan

June 14, International Art Exhibition and Auction, to Benefit Teenager Cancer Treatment Center, London, England

June 8- July 8, Art Exhibition, Pontiac Artists, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan

June 7-Auguest 20, Covenants Fine Art Gallery, West Bloomfield, Michigan

January 24 –March 9, Women Exhibition, Art Essencia-Cosas De Mujeres, Barcelona, Spain

January 7 –November 19, 2011, Artists & Artisian Exhibition, Smith Town Township Art Council New York

January, Traveling Exhibition, Human Rights Articles Flag, Denmark


August 13- September 25, American Mosaic Art Exhibition, Smith Township Arts Council, Mills Pond House, Long Island, New York

July 8- September 30, People and Places Around the World Exhibition, The Art League of Michigan, Virgil H. CARR Center, Detroit, Michigan

June 29-July 29, Invitational Exhibition, Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale, Michigan


March 8–May 24, Sabeel Exhibition, Artistic Journey from Arab Lands to America, University of Saint Thomas, Saint Paul, Minnesota

January 27, Art Exhibition, Netherlands

February 4, Art Exhibition, Denmark

February 10, Art Exhibition, Self Portrait, Eliso Mail, Caracas, Venezuela

January 9-30, 2010, Visions from the East, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan


December 20, Art Exhibition, Austraka Art Gallery, Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt

May 6, Art Exhibition, You and the Others, M.Giangoia, Biblioteca Civica, Torinio, Italy


December 23, International Art Exhibition, Ostarka Gallery, Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt

November4-December 28, Holiday Exhibition, Bagley Housing Gallery, Detroit, Michigan

November 1-15, International Art Exhibition, "Travelers of Colors", Antalya Museum, Turkey

October 15-December 15, Inclusion Exhibition, "Last Book", National Library, Argentina

 May 1- June 14, Faces of Immigration, Bagley Housing Gallery, Detroit, Michigan

 April 28- May 2, International Forum for Plastic Arts, Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt

 April 23, The Art League of Michigan Exhibition, Compuware Headquarters Building, Detroit, Michigan

 April 8, Art for global development Inc, Street Gallery, Washington DC

 March 8, Treasure Postcard Art for global development Inc, Street Gallery, Washington DC

 March 15, Art Exhibition, Relation between the United States and the Islamic World Tulane University Symposium, New Orleans, Louisiana


December 12-29, Christmas Exhibition, Bagley Housing Gallery, Detroit, Michigan

October 13-November 12, Samaha International Muslim Artists, New Orleans African American Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana

September 14-October 17, Carnival Exhibition, Michigan Art League, Dearborn, Michigan

First Street MOSA International Exhibition, Kebun Mimpi Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

March 29–May 31, Group Exhibition, Connections and Contrasts, Arab American Museum, Dearborn, Michigan

April 12-20, MSA, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia


September 11-November 11, Art Exhibition, “Terror”, Intersections Gallery, San Francisco, California

June 26–August 29, Art Exhibition, “Turntables” Sloan Museum, Flint, Michigan

December–January, Art Exhibition, “Memories”, Waterford Gallery, Waterford, Michigan


July 3–August 5, Arab-American Exhibition, ‘Flying Carpet’, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan

June 25–July 30, Arab-American Exhibition, ‘Sinbad’, Bagley Housing Gallery, Detroit, Michigan 


November 15– December 15, Arab-American Art Exhibition, Flint Library, Flint, Michigan

May 28–July 2, Michigan International Women’s Show, To Draw for Peace, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan

February 13, Miller Ward Alumni House, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia


September 8–October 10, National Exhibition, Artists of Arab & Middle Eastern Heritage, Alfred Berkowitz Gallery, University of Michigan, Dearborn, Michigan

March 15–30, ‘’Voices of peace’’, University of Detroit-Mercy, Detroit, Michigan


October 9–December 13, “Perception”, Focus Hope Gallery, Detroit, Michigan

September 21, “Fann Wa Tarab”, Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan

September 7–28, “Diverse and United”, Bagley Housing Gallery, Detroit, Michigan

May 8, Detroit Art/Cultural Event, Go Lightly Cultural Center, Detroit, Michigan

March 14, Art and Cultural Program, Southfield Art Center, Southfield, Michigan

January 15, “Visions of Peace”, Bagley House Gallery, Detroit, Michigan


March 28–April 21, “Latinos & Friends Exhibition”, Bagley House Gallery, Detroit, Michigan

February 16–March 31, “Improvisation: A Journey into Jazz”, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan

January 12–February 9, “2001 Space Odyssey”, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan


August 9–12, “Dream of Humanity” hosted by Al-Dar Al-Arabi, The Knights of Columbus, Southfield, Michigan

September 21–24, Farmington Festival, Art at the Costick Center, Farmington, Michigan

January-February, ‘’Vision of Peace’’, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan

December-January, Contemporary Art Museum, Pontiac, Michigan


November 17–December 24, Art Exhibition, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan

July 8–29, In/Out Sights, Agora Gallery, New York


December 7–21, Iman Women Artists Exhibition, Oak Park Library, Oak Park, Michigan

May 23–June 28, 3rd Annual All Media In-State Invitational Exhibition, Pontiac, Michigan

January 20-21, Two Person Art Show, El Cajon, California


June 16–18, Michigan Science & Research Development Inc., Alternative Artists’ Group, Third Annual Conference, Dearborn, Michigan


November 1–30, City of Oak Park Art and Cultural Commission Exhibition, Oak Park, Michigan

August 5–7, Arab World Festival, Detroit, Michigan

July 15–29, Alternative Artists’ Group, Common Ground Gallery, Windsor, Canada

July 3-4, Alternative Artists’ Group, Urban Park Gallery, Trappers Alley, Detroit, Michigan

May 21-June 18, Art Show, “Dynamics”, Agora Gallery, Soho, New York

March 20 Islamic Art Show, Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, Michigan


12th Annual Helen De Roy Art Exhibition, Oakland Community College, Farmington, Michigan

The Annual Multi-Media Exhibition, Ann Arbor Art Association, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Unpremeditated Art Show, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan

ACCES, Arab-American Art Show, Dearborn, Michigan


Third Biennial International Exhibition, juried art exhibition, The Peace Center, Detroit, Michigan


Detroit Artist Market Christmas Art Show, Detroit, Michigan

Student Ceramic Show, Oakland Community College, Farmington, Michigan




2012     Women Cacaus Artists, member 2012-2020, Michigan Chapter 

1997     IMAN-International Artists Network, President

1994     Alternative Artists’ Group, Co-Founder and member

1991     ACCES Arab American Artists, member, Dearborn, MI

             Intermedia Gallery, member 1990-1991, Eastern Michigan University



2024  june Art on world magazine with Carmelita Brunetti and interview issue 17 .italy .


2023 October  an interview with Zynab Al - Timimi The Mirror News. Henry Ford community college, Dearborn , Mi.


2023     September 21, An interview with Samir Hanna Haddad host of “Arabian Candles” radio program 690 a.m.

September 16, An interview with Mahdi Albabely at the center for international journalist and education, Dearborn, Michigan

June 26, Haber Newspaper, by Journalist Mr. Dahi Gedik and Mr. Tuncay Aytas, Nigde, Turkey

June 17, Embracing Our Differences, Culture Verse Gallery, Panel Discussion, Ann Arbor, Michigan

May 18, Top Artists, Scuola Grande di San Teodore, Venice, Italy

May 18, International Prize Pegasus for the Arts, Venice, Italy

Vol. 2 Contemporary Celebrity Masters, Italy

2022     The 23rd International Competition Incheon Art Exhibition Book, Republic of Korea 

2020     Color of Drama, book by Dr. Ismael Seyam, Egypt

October, The Great Masters of Contemporary Art, curate by Francisco Saverio Russo and Salvatore Russo, Italy

September 1, International Art Expo, Biennale Del Normanni, Monreale, Italy

July, Face India, World TV, India

July, Arts and Artists, Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz Video, India 

June 18, Solo Art Exhibition, Worldwide Art Movement, India

Gallery Around the World, Channel 7 with Esmael Bakr, Cairo, Egypt ilham Badreddine Mahfouz 

January-February, Art International Contemporary Magazine Directed By Salvatore Russo

January, 25, 3rd International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci, Published, The Universal Artists

May 26, ‘’Vison of Peace –Through Art’’, interview with Weam Namou 

April 29, Oakland County Times, Article By Crystal A. Proxmire, Pontiac Créative Arts Center Célébrâtes Arab American Art

January 5th, Contemporary Art article art work published on facebook By artist and art critique Dr. Omran Beshnah, Libya

Published in Encyclopedia of Artists in the World Book 3 Page 18, Arabic language, Egypt

November Wednesday 28 th an interview with Women art salon, NY Radio interview with Heidi Russel.

December 8, –Published my first art book (whispers from the east ) Wasteland press publisher.ISBN #: 978-1-68111-000-4 Library of congress control Number: 2014958470

June 27, an interview with Amerabic Media Network tv, Detroit Michigan

March 8, Article by Niraj WariKo at Free Press about the solo exhibition, (Syria Crisies & Hope), Detroit, Michigan

Inclusion in (The 1000 Most Important Women of the Middle East and the Arab World B Volume 111 By Maximilien de Lafayette


Inclusion in Visual Poetry –A Global Village Event Book by Victor Valqui Vidal, ed,

Inclusion in Art and Poetry book Estuary A Confluence of Art & Poetry.

Masters Of Today Art Book Inclusion. World of Art. Stockholm, SW and London, EN

December, Encyclopedia of Arab American Artists, Inclusion By : Fayeq S.Oweis

June, Famous Art Book, Inclusion world of Art, Germany.

April, an interview with Rajaa Saadeh for Arab American News, Dearborn, Michigan

May 3, Acces an interview with Alrabeta Alqalam, Dearborn, Michigan 

April 13, Speech about Arab-American contributions to society, Albion Collège, Albion, Michigan

June 20, October Magazine

September 8–October 10, Article about ‘diversity in harmony’ Arab American Art Exhibit, published in

March, interview with Mehmet Dede Asma Society in New York

Published in Marquis Who’s Who in the World, 2002-2003 ed.

January 10, Article about Arab American Art Exhibit at Bagley Housing in Detroit published by the Detroit Free Press (Journalist: Emilia Askari),

January 9, Article about “Visions of Peace” art exhibit in Detroit, Michigan

Published in Book Art Press, 2001-2002 edition, New York


Arab American Journal; volume 3; #54 September 15th.

Vision Magazine by Al-Dar Al-Arabi

Published in Marquis, Who’s Who in the World

Published 1999-2000 edition, Marquis Who’s Who in American Women

Edition of New Art International, Published 1998-1999, by Book Art Press in New York

April, Hammurabi Magazine

Winter Article by Diana Roberts in Manhattan Arts International Magazine

November, Interview with Oak Park Library for Oak Park on Cable Channel 15

October-November, Article in The Oak Park Report

August, Article in the Artists Voice Magazine., A fusion Art publication Vol.1, Santa Monica, California

July, Article in the Hammurabi Magazine, Vol. 9, No. 5

June 11, Television program, Arab Voice of Detroit on Channel 62, 10:15 p.m.

June 10, Radio program, Interviewed by A.N.A. Radio Channel 690 A.M.

Summer Article in Art Speak Magazine, New York

Video Tape: Alternative Artists’ Group, Vol, 1, produced by Hi-Teck




2021     January, curator member with Balka International Art Exhibition, Hashmeite Kingdom of Jordan

2002     Arabic Language Instructor 2019-2002, University of Detroit-Mercy, Detroit, Michigan

2019     March, curator for Pathway Exhibition with Patrizia Mchon at Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan

Teaching Ceramics for youth and adults 1997-2019, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan

2018     May, co-curator at Black Box gallery for Arab American exhibition, Dearborn, Michigan

2000     April 28, Lecture on Abstract Art for IMPACT, Franklin, Michigan

1999     Teaching Ceramics, Mixed Media and Drawing at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Association

1998     Teaching Art at Bases program at Rochester Schools in Michigan

              May 16, Pontiac Schools, juror, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan

            Teaching Mixed Media at Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, Michigan

1997     December 7, Slide presentation and lecture on Abstract Art at Oak Park Library, Oak Park, Michigan

            Summer Taught art for children in the International School, Farmington Hills, Michigan

            Summer Taught a ceramics course for children at PATH in Pontiac, Michigan

1996     November 6-7, workshop – “Architecture in a bubble” at Liggitt Elementary School. Waterford, Michigan




2021     September 1, (1 painting) at Haegeumgang Theme Museum in Geoji, Republic of Korea

2020     September 1, (Painting) for the opening in October, Fantapia M, Fantasy Cup Museum, South Korea

2014     HRF (Human Right Flag) Art installation permanent place at the Cell of Amnaesty International Museum, Vestervig, Denmark

2013     MONA Museum of New Art, Armada, Michigan, (Box - 0079) since 1996

2008     April 24, One collection of Mixed media (hadeeth) and a Sculpture (helal) and a print at the Beverly Hills Academy, Beverly Hills, Michigan

2007     U.S.A. Arab American Museum permanent collection (world Peace) 7-19-2007 Dearborn, Michigan

First MOSA International Exhibit, permanent collection, Kebun Mimpi Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1991     Watercolor (Meditation in peace with God) Permanent Collection Eastern Michigan University, Europe (France, Spain, Denmark, England, Croatia) Canada and South America; Middle East (Syria, Lebanon & Egypt) Turkey & Malaysia



Fluent in English and Arabic. Conversational Spanish

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